Alien Swarm SNPCs

Hello everyone I have been working on Alien Swarm SNPCs for Garry’s Mod. This took me a while, But it turned out good! =)
This for the normal GMod not GMod13 But soon When it fully works for GMod13 I will release it on workshop! =)


How to install -
Put the file “Alien Swarm SNPCs” in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\steam name\garrysmod\garrysmod\Addons

What you need:

  • Garry’s Mod



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Picture of Boomer:

Picture of Drone:

Picture of Shieldbug:

Picture of the Spawn Icons:

200 Dead Drones with no lag!:

-VG-Dr. Pepper with Cherry(Me) - SNPC, Spawn Icons, and stuff like that
AngryPepper - SNPC Base

More Information in “Read Me” file.
Report Bugs here! Also I am working on this to work on GMod13
Please don’t re-upload this without my permission!
By: -VG-Dr. Pepper with Cherry (Me)

Enjoy! =)

This is really really good :slight_smile: but are you sure this is really yours? Iv seen a few releases of the drone before…

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Also there’s a bit of skin collision going on with the boomer and drone a little

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No wait sorry I found out they are yours


Where did you get the models for this?

Now i respect you!
This is how you needed to do it in the first time!
Anyway,im sorry for what i sayed… i got some shitass days and problems in real life…
Good job!

Please don’t call me dumb, but do these work with Gmod 13?

You deserve a sub!

I think it not yours. Look (its boomer npc)
and other alien swarms npcs i sawed in some packs…(my bad english lol)

But if its your old account…

and again edited
Oops its yours I readed message :slight_smile:

Might want to edit that, in the OP you put a picture of a boomer instead of shieldbug.

oh and yea i made a video about it in gmod 13 and showed all the bugs:

*sorry for no sound… i don’t know what happened to my fraps.

My friend (Bitl) ported it from alien swarm, so a big thankyou to him =)

dude look at the video i made… so many bugs and errors in gmod 13…
anyway,gmod 13 already can mount the alien swarm models! why don’t you used them?

It’s mine.

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Look at angrypepper’s replay

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It’s okay even thought most of the people hate me now… Somone even rated my ‘dumb’ I almost got banned from facepunch… But whatever. and Thanks

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Working on it! =)

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Thanks! =)

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Its mine…

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Oops! Thanks for telling me! =)

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Thanks for the video this helps me for the feature.

Future* This is neat I am glad I can get it :smiley:


holy shit what pack do those dual pistols come with

other then that they’re okay i guess

p.s. please stop quoting people like that.

Hm it is an old pack I don’t know if it still on internet and thanks also what you mean “quoting people” ?

you’re quotes are, like, on the bottom part of your post

it’s kinda weird

but if you could find the pack that’d be cool

but on-topic the snpcs look cool, boomer one looks a little gritty if you asked me

You mean the texture? of the boomer?


mostly the purple-belly-thing

Well you know alien swarm is a thirdperson-strategy game so it is kind of hard to guess how the boomer looks like in firstperson. Ohh and one more thing I did not make the models, Bitl did.