Alien Swarm Style Heavy Weapons - Steam Game Rewards

I noticed that the alien swarm items pack has turret tops that would do great as heavy weapons. What I would like is a weapon that uses “models/sentry_gun/grenade_top.mdl” as the model, using the pistol grip since it looks best on the world model. It should fire something similar to the SMG grenade but flies much faster and the weapon itself should fire about 2 per second. Clip size 12. heavy recoil. Idk if its possible to scale view and world models for SWEPS, but the model needs to be around 0.8 scale on the world model.

I will buy a $10.00 or under steam game for whoever can make this for me. $20.00 if its really good.

Thats the link to the pack with the model. Would be great if this weapon were at least somewhat editable so i can make versions for the other turret tops (ice, fire, and chaingun)

Come on, theres real rewards here for whoever can help me! Surely someone must want a free steam game.

I don’t really understand what you want made and I am guessing that’s why you have no reply’s so I guess your going to have to do a better job explaining.

He’s saying to basically make a rapid firing grenade launcher using a alien swarm model.

Oh. yes i was talking about a swep. Guess i didnt explain that.

I could probably do that. Your steam doesn’t work, type in what your name is, not the number. says

I was able to do the model stuff in SWEP Construction kit, working on the code now.

Yep, that page is mine Bletotum. If you get the weapon up you can add me as a friend on steam via my page and send me a message; I am pretty much always online since i dont turn off my computer, so send me a message and I will get back to it. If I am not there I am either at school or asleep.

I take a look at it, I already made a weapon like this a few days ago, using the alien swarm models.

Not trying to sound pushy, but it would also be cool if there could be sweps for the other 3 turret types, machine gun, flamethrower, and freezing. If i had those it would be truly cool.

Bumptastic Bump. I would really like to have these.

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I’ll do it. I added you.

really? What name are you? Are you ??? on Steam too?

no i’m sixpooles. Nickname is dave though.

Steam says that your ignoring me.