Alien Thug Striking a Cool Pose

He looks a little like clamps.

Without the clamps

good (because clamps is awesome)

They see him posing … they hatin …

You potatochop that dude or is he from gmod?

He is from space

The vids of it look neato, can’t wait for its release

you can download it right now if you want. we have nightly svn snippets


that alien guy reminds me of those movies made by those people


that’s p cool man

Thumb be clippin through the grip.

But otherwise, nicely made model. Love the space age tommy gun.

Me too. Designed by CSP499 and modeled by PLing. The texture is still just a WIP though, which is why I silhouetted it a bit

That model looks incredibly appealing, you guys have done a very good job.

Awesome picture too. Rated art :).

Excellent light work. Love the whole concept.

I don’t see the resemblance.

Good alien

Eagerly awaiting this mod.

I do, the facial structure. They’ve got similar features, except of course the robot has more geometric features.

Once again, simply amazing model. This belongs in top 10 of models in gmod.

Very cool.

Nice models and lighting. Foreground doesn’t match the background at all though.

Oh cool, Solomon’s (somewhat) finished!