alien vs. predator...fuck them human race rulz!
comments!!! :argh:
sorry for the shitty alien model, there isnt another better

how did you pose this so realisticly?

This is bad…

  • Turn your graphics to max
  • Use super DOF not regular
  • Find blood brushes that look more realistic
  • Don’t use filters, they are ugly

pose is pretty badass ham_wallet you’re wrong

Oh, ok.

His graphics seem up to me, its probably the shitty Alien model

No I think it might be the regular DOF making things look jaggy… But that ugly Alien model doesn’t help.

this sucks cunt!

Well, it does kinda suck, but I really like the way you posed the predator when the aliens hitting him, it looks great.

thanks for comments :slight_smile:

Cant wait for AVP to come out so someone can make better models for the aliens.



nice. wish i was better so i could make poses like that. Have you considered making a remake with the new alien model

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