not from the Alien movies, sorry :x

I already posted this in the WIP thread, but as I’m going to finish & compile this model I figured it may aswell have its own thread.

The above picture is from about an hour of sculpting, I’m actually a fair bit further with it now (even started polypainting), just not gotten around to getting the new picture uploaded. I haven’t actually used any reference pictures as I couldn’t find any good/detailed ones, so I’m sort of winging it from my imagination here… I’m just aiming for a generic, skinny/lanky look really.

That’s about it for now, I’ll try to get the updated pic up in a couple hours.

it’s need to be gray…Aliens are gray

Of course they are.

Good job, He/She looks very real =]


The sculpt looks damn awesome, too.

Yay, you’re making shit again. :3 Nice sculpt. What’s the poly count?

Update your site, man.

You did that in an hour :open_mouth: nice work.

i like it, however if your going for a lanky look i’d say make the arms thinner? and i cant see all the legs to judge but maybe them too :slight_smile: looking good, im guessing the counts around 22k?


Alien zombies!!

Not all Aliens…

Yus, it will be, that’s just a default material on there at the moment.

I would update my site, but haven’t really got anything to add… it’s been a pretty slow year to be honest.

Hmm, aye, arms and legs probably could do with thinning. Wait untill I’ve put the new pic up, then let me know if you still think that.

Hehe, the count is about 225k in that picture… I’ll retopologise it later on though, down to about 7-10k.

Still need to sculpt the hands & feet properly, and possibly do the legs/arms a bit better. Texture wise, that’s pretty much the colour scheme I’ll be going for. I haven’t done any detailing on the skin yet, so if the colour scheme needs editing, please let me know as it’s better to just say so now. I’ve also been told I should go for glowing green eyes, but I’ll mess around the eyes after I’ve finished the body - suggestions wouldn’t go amiss though.

yeh man looks wicked, much easier to see, I think maybe lengthen the forearms that’s all i don’t know if anyone agree’s if not then keep it how you like it. Maybe i just have stupidly long forearms

That is quite awesome :stuck_out_tongue: Nice one! I’ll keep an eye on this…

That’s one badass model.

and on an unrelated note: weren’t you a mod Kathar?

he chose not to be anymore >.<

Needs a cock

This reminds me of Dreamcatcher for some reason. “Atch out or ister gay!”

Jeez that is really High-Res!

He’s missing a cock and/or vagina.

Yeah, all the aliens I’ve seen had human body parts…

Oh wait, they’re aliens.