AlienRaid V1.8.1
Created 100% By Me

This is an addon to bring zombie hunting to any map!
Lets you place spawn points for zombies to spawn during a raid, and lets you remove them all whenever you please.
Build time between rounds.

Hammer support to let you place spawn points in your maps as your creating them!

The Wave System explaned
The raid starts out on wave 1.
Zombies will keep spawning until there are a total of 15 alive in the map.
(each spawned zombie will attempt to attack a connected player)
Once 30 zombies are killed we move onto wave 2.
Between each wave there is a 90 second build time.
Once you get through 20 waves the raid is over.
If you are on any wave for more than 5 minutes the next wave is forced apon you!

A GMod Server.

Place AlienRaid folder in your addons folder.
Stop and restart your server or switch maps

AlienRaid Control Gun - Primary: Places spawn points.
AlienRaid Control Gun - Secondary: Starts/Stops raid.
AlienRaid Control Gun - Reload: Removes all spawn points.

ar_base2.bsp - Small base in center of map zombies spawn around edges of map. Yes info_nodes
ar_based.bsp - Three bases on map zombies spawn everywhere. No info_nodes

Whatever anyone else wants.

V1.5-1.8.1 Added Hud Elements, Intense Code Cleanup, Bug Fixes (only 1 remains and is not noticeable), Added wave timer.
V1.4 Added build time inbetween waves.
V1.3 Got rid of rally points, zombies now just start moving towards a random player. Added function on control gun to remove all spawns. Added nifty chat notifications.
V1.1 General code improvements, made the control gun have more function, added rally points.
V1.0 Initial Release.

Me for doing it all!
Facepunch - Like always!

Any ideas for improvement are welcome.

Very nice.

Thanks :smiley:
Its an old addon i revived from the dead

What a boring and unoriginial idea! You should definiantly not work on it!
On a serious note: Seriously… this is retarded

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - grea$emonkey))

Its a mini gamemode for quick play.

You should give him C&C instead of just calling it retarded.


And learn to spell


kklouzal, you should make a administrator panel to change the number of waves and time in the intervals.

And a maximum zombie on the map control.

Rediculous. (this is what moderators should be for to ban idiots like this(lets not stray from the topic pls))

if you do a forum search for alien raid you will see i released the first version a few years ago. so yeah.

looks great. does it work in singelplayer too?

It does work in singleplayer also :smiley:

That’s unique. I can’t remember the time I saw a good singleplayer gamemode.

But wait! Theres more!!! It’s not a gamemode :smiley: simple addon.

That’s what I actually find interesting about it. :smile:

There are gamemodes out there that don’t do much more then this. Packaging it as an addon is a good idea.

Just so you know, it’s technically not a HUD element until you give it a HUD element name, add something like:

[lua]// Ask the gamemode if it’s ok to do this
if ( !gamemode.Call( “HUDShouldDraw”, “CHudElementName” ) ) then return end[/lua]

… to the passed function for the hook to give it a proper HUD element title. This way developers can choose whether or not to draw it.

Another note: HUD element names start with “CHud”

Err, your telling me i have bad naming etiquette? lols cause it works fine as it is.

And i believe there is a small bug, the raid just goes on forever not stoping after wave 20, not really a big deal unless the raid is started and not stoped before all admins leave.

This is fun, Well done!

Thank you very much :smiley:

Someone already suggested making it from a weapon into a stool and being able to set a few options about the raid from the tool menu, any other suggestions?

Heres some improvements you can make:
-Have the zombie corpses get deleted automatically so they don’t build up and lag the server.
-A small improvement but it still in there, remove the ammo indicator from the weapon.
-Console or chat commands to change some variable (how many waves).
-Console or chat commands that function as the weapon?
-As the waves go up increase the zombies health/add poison zombies in.

The only problem I have currently with this, is the first one. If they don’t delete automatically, then they start to lag, and I can’t use the remover tool on them.

Edit: Have an indicator on were the spawn points are.

A small greenish cloud should do the trick! :smiley: