aliens and/or aliens VS predator server.

So basically, I had an Idea that there should be an aliens and/or aliens vs predator Server that uses the Half Life 2 Role Play’s engine, Clockwork (I think that’s the name, don’t blame me). When I spoke with my friend, Kemerd, about the idea, he loved the idea, but he couldn’t make a server out of it, since he was busy with other stuff. I was wondering of someone would use my idea to create the server, though please give me credit if you are going to use the idea.

JOBS AND SIDES: If you read the chat log, then you would know what jobs, races and sides that would be in the game.
Citizen:** Plain and simple, it’s just a citizen, nothing special.
Scientist:** Like the name says, they are people with the brains, they conduct test with captured aliens, and generally do science related stuff.
Synthetics:** This includes the combat droids, and aliens. ( An example of a synthetic alien.) They simply can be programmed to do stuff, like the alien to blend in with the hive, or the combat droid to be your guard.
Alien, Alien queen:** Also known as Xenomorphs, They simply attack both the humans a predator. The queen Gives orders to the aliens and lay eggs that will soon become facehuggers, and then the Xenomorph we know. they can use the vents, climb the walls and roof, and used their tail as long range attack, with it tongue being a second mouth.
Predator:** Also known as the Yautja, they are the masked monsters that hunt for game. With twin (Or single) wrist blades, plasma caster, and being able to cloak, see both aliens and humans with infrarad vision, they are deadly foes.
Marines:** Simply put, they are the soldiers that pretty much deal with both aliens and predatory, with their favorite choice of weapons.

LOCATION: We ALL know that this is going to be in space, but it can be done in different locations, depending on the owner of said server decides to be in (Also, PLEASE don’t make it lore breaking.)

Anyway, That’s all I have, you can suggest your ideas below, and I hope you guys agree with me.

Ideas guy :stuck_out_tongue:

There really needs to be new forms of serious roleplay or it’s going to die out completely, but this idea has zero chance unless you yourself code it. Coders want to make their own idea, not other people’s, no matter how good they may be.

I’d rather see something fast paced or horror-themed done with this idea than another fucking RP gamemode

Good gamemode idea if it fucking isn’t RP. something like the AVP multiplayer would be cool, if anyone has played it.

Give you credit? seriously?

My friend BFG was working on a gamemode like that called “The Bronx”

Is it still up, what’s the IP? I played on it ages ago and kept speed running it, is there any leaderboard on fastest times yet? I had like a whole plan for the map, jumping from building to building, I love the gamemode.

/me is facehugger.
/me facehgz predator.
/me is super alen predator
[ooc] ur al ded now ICly.

^ The gamemode in a nutshell.
Clockwork (or any RP framework) isn’t suited for cool action scenarios, peroid. Just hire a coder or learn how to do it yourself if you’re that serious about this tho.