Aliens Colonial Marines sounds

because some, if not all of the models (xenomorphs at least) have been ported to gmod. i was wondering, is it possible to get the sounds as well? i’m particularly interested in acquiring sounds of the Raven from ACM. because recently someone did the same for Outlast, it just got me thinking. having the sounds would be really helpful. thanks for reading.

This is the “Modelling” section of the developers section, you know a place for posting about making Objects and at times Animations for things like a Pet rock, Playermodels / Ragdolls, and even a dragon or 2.

It’s possible to find those sound files your looking for, and convert them over to a .MP3 or .Wav but you won’t find that stuff here…

I wouldn’t guarantee that. We’ve actually had a few users in the past that posted models from certain games that also came with the audio files. I wouldn’t hold high hopes for it, but it does happen from time to time.

-snip - sounds not models