Aliens: Colonial Marines - Xenomorph Ragdoll Pack

sorry about that images size. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Steam Workshop -

Game - Aliens : Colonial Marines

Model - Xenomorphs

Port - IFFY
Ragdolling - IFFY
Model Fix - IFFY
Models, Textures - GearBox, Sega
Special Thanks - ∂Rin?(?りん)


  • Xeno_Soldier - Finger,Face Posable, 3 Armour Bodygroups (Fixed Inner mouth model)
  • Xeno_Lurker - Finger,Face Posable, 4 Armour Bodygroups, Dome Skingroup
  • Xeno_Spitter - Finger,Face Posable, 3 Armour Bodygroups
  • Xeno_Boiler - Finger, Face Posable, Body Skingroup
  • Xeno_Raven - Finger Posable
  • Xeno_Crusher - Finger Posable
  • Xeno_Queen - Finger, Face Posable
  • Xeno_FaceHugger - Finger Posable
  • Xeno_ChestBurster
  • Xeno_Egg - 4 Bodygroups

have fun :smiley:


HA. i’m in love

nice work :smiley:


What happened to it…?

Yeah I was all hyped up for decent Xeno models and it’s gone?

And that’s why you unpack your gmas, kids.

Can you give link for SFM users?

perhpas he took it down so he could add Weyland Yutani PMC’s to the pack and just call it ACM pack instead of just xenomorphs?

Fuck I didn’t even get to download it.

dick move

surely he has his reasons fella’s. i’m sure he’ll re-upload them, he might have taken 'em down to fix something up or add something

But surely “fix[ing] something up or add[ing] something” can be (and has been) achieved without having to take the whole thing off the Workshop?

That’s why you can update Workshop uploads.

well i don’t f*cking know, but he must have his reasons. he wouldn’t just randomly decide to take it down considering how many of us had downloaded it and where using it

You can swear on the internet.

Well that’s interesting…

Fuck, I forgot to boot Gmod and download it :suicide:

anyone still have the .gma?

oh cool, i thought facepunch had a rule against it

fuck fuckity fuck fuckfuck

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i managed to download them and use them for a bit in Gmod before they were removed from the steam workshop. will that mean i still have the file .gma?

It should still be in your addons folder.