Aliens Exploring


Are those from fallout 3?

No idea mate, Found them in a player pack

yeah they’re fallout aliens

I dragged him all the way from the spaceship to megaton because I wanted to put him in my house. Then I realised that I couldn’t take him past the damned gate! FFS! <.<


hahaah that’s a long fucking way dude

Yes, from Mothership Zeta.

you can find a dead one in the wasteland without the DLC

Shit man, I did the same thing, except I got half way and was attacked by raiders with rocket launchers. Damn alien flew like never before. >:

I usually shoot him and see how far he goes, my friend made a damn good record. He placed all 80 landmines i had and put him on top, he chucked a grenade and he friggin flew.