Aliens inspecting a murder

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It took me a while to do this one because I didn’t know what color to make the glow from the weapons. And I just realized now the Alien Blaster from FALLOUT 3 would have been appropriate for their weapons…And it came out darker then it looked in photoshop,lol. And I didn’t know if I should make the dead alien’s blood glow or not, so I left it normal. SO rate/hate/commemorate/assimilate.

Great work with the lighting and glowing stuff.

Don’t link from deviant art,use Filesmelt because with deviant we have to click the reply button and copy paste.

I like the glow off the alien weapons but the eyes seem a bit too bright. The posing is good however.


Also it’s a bit dark to see the alien blood.

I use Deviantart to upload because if I go back and make changes and reupload it, it changes here as well, its a neat little feature if I do say so :slight_smile:

And the eyes, I had no choice but to make 'em glow, otherwise you can’t see the stealthed Chinese commando standing there with a katana :frowning: If you get really close to the screen, then you can see his outline,but…

Wow at first i didnt see the red eyes in the background.
Is this whatever invisible or what?

Otherwise very nice work.

Edit: Oh wow yeah you have to look really close than you see a thing with a sword in his hand!

Yep, it’s a Chinese commando that is stealthed! I don’t have the real stealth suit, or no what it looks like, so I just used the anchorage chinese commando Nexus_Elite released.

That does sound rather nifty,but at least don’t put it in image tags, use url tags so we can just click on it.