Aliens versus Predator 2010 converter !

Hey guys,

it’s possible to read game files (meshes, skeletons, animations, textures) from AVP 2010.

I’ll explain how to do this.

I didn’t work on the following tools. I just want to explain how to use them.

Step 1:
First of all, you have to download following files.

quickbms -
new file + AVP 2010 PlugIN -
Noesis -

I put them together and uploaded them, so you can also just use one of the following links.

Step 2:
Install the quickbms and Noesis.

Step 3:
Put the Alienvspredator.dll file (from into the Noesis PlugIn folder.
Extract the somewhere.

Step 4:
Start quickbms and choose the file. Now you can choose an .asr file (singeplayer files also work!).

quickbms will now extract all the gamefiles included.

Step 5:
Start Noesis and go to the folder, where you extracted all the game files.
doubleclick on an HSKL file in the HSKL folder. Now you have to choose the skeleton file, which is in HSKN format and the RSCF file, which includes the model itself.

Step 6:
That’s it. You have got the model in Noesis. You can go to “File - Export from preview” and export your model (you can also read animation files, which are called HANM).

I hope that was useful.

If you have any questions or suggestions please write it below.

André :slight_smile:

Textures, how do i get the textures? The model exports fine but i’ve got no luck with any textures.

Open the textures in Noesis first, and export them

where can i find the singleplayer .asr files all i see if multiplayer, also is it possible to extract say the predator with all his animations into 1?

I have certain doubts that the original Lithtech engine can even support a model that highpoly as those in AVP2010. Not to mention a lack of phong, normals, speculars and a bunch ofo ther materials.
Hell even Lithtech Talon didn’t support normals as far as I know (tron2 AVP2 CA and others.)

I’d say the correct answer in that case would be no.

Yeah, even without the fancy effects, I don’t think the engine could support such high polygon models. I think in AVP 1 characters are around 600-1200 polygons, and in AVP3 they are around 15,000+

I SOOOOOOO HATE YOU (not really) just because you know how much trouble and length of time it took me to get the models out and aligned and now finally we have these tools that just crap these models out now.

Oh well, thanks a bunch for these tools, it will make short work of any future models I want to extract from AVP3 and maybe let me have time to spend on rigging them instead of aligning them.

gees can’t anyone answer my questions where is the singleplayer .asr files located and is it possible to extract say the predator,marine and aliens with all their animations into 1

Aw yeah. Have to use dumb cubemaps until the phong issue is resolved.

Oh god yes people start ripping models like mad.

Im having problem with animation porting, what format do you save it in?

sweet, someone is FIANLLY doing the drone Alien, the main foot solider of the Alien race…also the thing that holds you down while yo face gets rapet

don’t count on getting a reply i didn’t get one and i’m having the same problem too so i don’t know what to do

I’ve looked for this SP files, but couldn’t find either. And even look threw others forums about it, nothing much about SP at all. They should have been there with the Env folders.

I think i fixed it, save it as the unrealformat

It can support the number of polys, but it’s a directX 8.weird custom shit game.

Monolith made AVP2 to finance NOLF2, which terribombed.

The irony is that Jupiter supports all of those things except per-texture phong.

Save in unreal mode. And the SP content is rather doable.

Singleplayer files are not .asr files, they are .en files which can be found in the Envs’ folder.

Is there a way to convert the anims to lets say a format that fallout 3 / fallout newvegas can read/ use? I think the format is .KF but i could be wrong.

Is it possible to export maps with this?

So, does this mean that we can now successfully use the data files in AVP3 to rig the models and them and fix them into garrysmod? Dude this is awesome! I hope the dome alien will be released by someone…