Aliens Vs Predator 2 Marines

Hey guys, with the new AVP out everyone is probably saying “Oh well with the new one out we can just request those models instead of those low definition ones from the 2001 title!” Bull shit I say. AvP2 is a better game than AvP3 if you’ve played both. Now with all that done and said. I believe people have been only focusing on the Preds and Aliens at the moment because of their Excessive Bad Assery. But the Marines keep the story and excitement intact for every game and movie. So i’m here to request the Soldiers who were sent into hell by a distress signal from the pods.

Andrew “Frosty” Harrison

Sergeant Hall (Left) Duke (Right)

Major McCain (Right) Guy with Hat I should say.




And if this thread gets successful I may as well add some Corporates into this as well.

Dunya “Preferably from Expansion Pack”




So yea there’s a… Wow a rather large ass list of people to cover, or not. I’m just requesting though, whether you do it or not if up to you. Thanks.

why not from the new one, nexus I thought got one from the game, but Not sure if he will release them,there’s a predator already though

He’s a tad bit stubborn when it comes to “RELEASING” models if I do say so myself.

no one says he won’t, even if he doesn’t whatever

Man, the ones nexus ported and head hacked were bad ass. though i prefer the original marine heads.

I didn’t say he’d never do it, I just said he isn’t the most reliable when it comes to releases.

true that

i’m not the best when it comes to wording, what i meant was that “no one said that he will probably release it” and hes has released a good amount of things that i use all the time

Which is exactly why I won’t depend on him releasing it. This is a request of someone other than Nexus to make these Models.