What the fuck is that alien spaceship that randomly shows up in the game LOL. It’s cool as fuck, but how/why the hell did you guys put that in there.

Edit: Starts at 11:22:30

Lots of people saying its just a cloud issue, oh well. Looks cool tho.

Haha, yeah, it’s awesome :D.
Always see it on Summit’s stream!

I’ve never seen one O.o?

Probably talking about the bugged clouds that are glowing with bright blue outlines at night someitmes

The combine are trying to come through the portal storm but it’s not working.

Starts at 11:22:30

BIG ASS alien space ship

EDIT: Probably a cloud issue after i think about it more and watch it again.

that’s a cloud with inverted colors


Who said this was a zombie apoc. game? Forget that aliens are the real threat.

Guys I was informed by the admins that it was just a weather balloon…nothing to see here, move on from this thread.

Alien spaceship? I need to see this.

omg when Des put glitter on his head XD