Simple title is simple.


I am asking for comments and crits. Can I have?

Woah, that’s cool and little bit scary too.

Fist pic blew my mind. Light is awesome. Second is good to, but I never liked the faces of the citizen models. It don’t fit in with the rest of the pic.

We need the new models from the new AVP.
Those are just so low-res.
Posing + Editing is great as usuall.

The low-res rifle brought a tear to my eye

We need those models ported from the AVP game now.

But I’m a big Aliens fan, I just watched it yesterday, so I think you did a great job with the pictures, but I think it’s a little too bright it the first picture to really capture the feel of the Aliens.

Absolutely awesome.


The words are spelled “Biehn” and “Terminator”.


Be honest, please.

I didn’t have better models at the time :saddowns:

We’re all prayin’ for some new high-res Alien models.

I love the editing of the Alien’s mouth, I’m about to through another pose together, interested in doing another edit?

I agree with Sin~, the mouth edit is fucking great, and you did a good job making this low-res models look nice.

Indeed we do need those models. Then we’ll finally have some good Colonial Marines, Xenomorphs, and Predators.

I cant wait till somebody ports them.


Just watched Alien today. Couldn’t stop laughing after the final “battle”.

Don’t like the first pic too much, too bright for my taste using the aliens and the low res models can’t be helped.
The second is just awesome though.

What’s wrong with the final battle?

lillwasa is working on the new Alien

They’re floating off the ground.

Is he going to make the inside mouth come out?

Please say he will.

Wait why is that optamistic, marios alien had it can’t be that hard to do with the new one.