Alienware model pack v2

This is v2 of my Alienware model pack.


2 moniter looks

10 open models

10 closed models

Their was a problem with video I did not notice. it does not show the second moniter look.


Feels like something that would be released in 2006. Good old nostalgia.

Look’s rather low poly. Should try to give it more detail, would love to see a higher poly version.

yeah I know. This and old version was just a test. If I make a new version I will make it better. Like edges and things being actually rounded and maybe a static and rag dolled version. The screens will hopefully glow in the dark in v3 and other little things.

Glad you like them.

Who you talking to?
And they look like they’re stretched out, good job anyways:D

Good job, I like them.

I think from that he likes them. In a way

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yeah the original was too big so the resize killed my textures.

Would be awesome if it had a garrysmod menu texture on the screen. Anyway, good job!

The lids are kind of thick and square.

These really don’t look much like my Alienware. These are too square, when actual Alienwares are sort of curvy on the lid and stuff.