Alittle Discussion about a gamemod idea.

Hello everyone on facepunch.

My name is Mr. D and I’m new to the facepunch community and I have alittle question/discussion that I would like to start up.

So I was going though the Gamemode & Addon Releases thread and saw some amazing stuff that I hope will get complete. I browsed though that in a long time, then I saw something surprising to me atleast… There where no one who are making a Mass Effect RP mod.

I found this very surprising cause of all the mass effect skins and models that the modding community has come up to Garrys Mod.

So I just made this thread to fire the idea out there and hear what you lads think about it. (Note I’m not a modder and have no experience in it, so forgive me if what I’m about to suggest is impossible)

So what I had in mind was a Semi Serious RP run by the Cider module on a gmod server.

The game should be placed in the Citadel at the time before mass effect 1 starts.

If placed in the Citadel then the Police will be C-sec, the rebels or bad guys could be some kind Merc team or teams.
President: Could be the Counsel or something like that and so on. I really think there is potential in both passive rp and aggressive rp in this world that would attract a good playerbase.
Now all of this is just alittle thought I had in mind and I’m not planing on making it or something like that since I have no idea how to, but I would still like to hear your opinion. Do you think it’s a stupid idea or do you think that it’s a good idea (which ofc needs more work)

Thank you for reading

Best regards Mr. Davidson

I dont see the innovation really. Looks like a DarkRP with different job names and playermodels.

It’s been done before and flopped hard.

It’s not really a gamemode idea, you’re just taking an existing gamemode, swapping out some models and names and setting some rules, and overall I don’t really see it working myself, but that shouldn’t let you stop trying.

I didn’t know that it had been tried before.

Thank you for the feedback. May you have a lovely day

If it has been tried before and failed, then who is to say somebody with a new outlook can’t make it succeed. Maybe the old creator was a moron. I have no idea, I don’t recollect Mass Effect RP.