"All along the watchtower..." Lone rebel stands watch



Notes! (Sorry Wolfe, they’re so useful :3:)

  • This is a screenshot taken by me a couple of months ago, I just never got around editing it.
  • Yes, it was inspired by that piece of music up top.
  • The editing didn’t take long at all, it was just a bit of practice with lens flares :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I sin every day
  • I shall probably play some Modern Warfare 2, now.
  • Businessmen they drink my whine.
  • Plowmen dig my earth.

Looks really nice, well done.

I like it.

Song doesn’t match the picture, lol.

Picture is boring too.

It’s nice!

Very nice picture, considering the use of default models (which tends to get you yelled at, particularly if the weapon prop isn’t custom).

Could you explain how you did the editing? My editing skill is largely what’s keeping me from doing some even better screenshots.

Sure, here’s what I did;
I isolated the object (rebel) then I dodged and burned the places I wanted lit up/darkened.
I did some color correction, a lens flare, some more shadowing, and a bit of noise.

That pretty much sums it up.

Thanks. I was wondering how you did that effect…

You need to be more detailed with the dodging and burning. If you just burn down one half of the body and dodge down the other half you make your character seem very 2D.