All and nothing :-)

Hello Guys,

First i have to say that Rust is a great Game, for a Alpha very nice.
Cant wait for new patches.
Second , sorry for my bad english :wink:

But i have an questions after played 5 hours last night.
Logged in today , all the loot in my boxes in my house are deleted.
Is that normal or just a unfixed feature ?!

Played on community server , not modded!

Thanks for help

Well, did you go back to where your house was and find anything left behind? Also, are there any player made structures still around? If so, you were a victim of a cheap bandit raid. If not, it was a server wipe.

Hello KeMu90. We play on the same server as you do and we are responsible for raiding your house.

  • Your’s truly, Dry Looters Incorporated.

Hey Hattu,

First , how you can look on what server i play !?
And Second , now i know that it wasnt a server wipe or raid from others or you :wink:
My 2 mates take the loot from the boxes in his own inventory for safe it from “raiders”
Maybe tonight we raid you , Hattu.

Questen bis answered. Thread can close!

You are more than welcome to raid our houses with your friends, that is why we play the game anyways.
And we know you play on same server because we saw you and from that i assumed we would have been raiding you considering the same night we went raiding and since there was no boxes seemed like it was us, but guess it wasn’t, someother day perhaps.