All awesomium based connections extremely slow/not working at all

This includes PAC3, Workshop (dupes, addons, everything related to it) and whatever else uses Awesomium for downloading, uploading and whatever else.

It did this once before, but a random Steam crash and restart fixed it for no reason and things were loading instantly. Well I had a bug where Steam wouldn’t launch any games and if I pressed exit it wouldn’t do squat, so I had to force close Steam through task manager and restart it.
Well that un-fixed the random fix. Somehow. I have no idea.

But now it’s back to square one. I can’t load public dupes (as a test), no icons for dupes will load, subscribing to anything on Workshop just downloads infinitely with no progress, and OBJ models in PAC3 just sit there “loading…” forever.

This is very frustrating because it could be anywhere from 2 minutes to a whole hour or more until it spontaneously starts working again, and then right back down the shitter for another unpredictable amount of time.
This is also very irritating as a PAC3 user since I use OBJ files from my Dropbox a lot. And when I wear something I consist of “loading…” symbols for again, an unpredictable amount of time.

Things I have tried:
Restarting Steam multiple times (duh)
Deleting clientregistry.blob

Note connections on different computers on the same network as this computer with the problem do not experience this whatsoever. I doubt my download speed which is consistent AND better than everyone else’s in the house, is an issue.

Please help, as I cannot stand this anymore.

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