All disconnect messages changed to generic "Player dropped from server"

All disconnect messages on my server simply say “Player dropped from server.” We can’t tell when someone’s intentionally disconnecting, RSOing, etc and it’s kind of annoying. Can this be remedied? I asked Brock and it’s not on his end, so I don’t know if this is an addon causing it or what.

Do you have gm_slog installed? It changes the message to that for some reason.

You might want to update slog again, I believe I modified it after that, the current line reads
if(strlen(msg) > 128 || strlen(msg) <= 0)
event->SetString(“reason”, “Player dropped from server.”);

I’ve had it installed on my srcds install on my PC for the longest time but it’s never done that. Must be a newer version on XS or something. I’ll look into that then.