All folders r broken!?!

All my steamapps folders are broken for some reason. I reinstalled gmod after an error and after i did it i was unable to get new addons and stuff… even ones i had b4 dont work… Someone tell me wtf is wrong and how to fix! If you do u get 1,000,000 dollar reward on grandquillas rp server. That is if it works… Oh and if u dont care about rp then ill prolly just add you to friends on steam or some shit.

First Off this is FacePunch we don’t help people for Stuff we do it to help, So, reinstall Gmod, Delete and create an Addons folder, Place a new addon (WTF Addon is not a word) in the folder and if it doesn’t work re-Install steam and Gmod not just Re-naming the folder. If it still doesn’t work :frowning: then Contact Steam Community.

ok… ill use this as a last resort…

A working link to your Steam Profile would be nice.

Says the guy with 15 posts.

You Sir, dont know what your talking about.

on Topic: I cannot read your post OP…

Can you take screenshots or anything?

Something to help us know what the hell you are on about, telling us they are broken doesnt really tell us anything.

I can use camera but screenshots dont appear in the folder.


I dont think that would help me wit my prob

it will help alot, if you dont give us a link to your steam profile can help us tell if you are a pirate or not, until then we cant help you.