All gamemodes

Please post your gamemodes/gamemodes you find here. Please, make sure they’re compatible with GM13.


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I’ll upload Sandbox later, busy atm.


what he is saying is this is pointless because why the hell would there be a post of all the gamemodes in the thread with all the gamemodes

I think he’s just trying to organize them but true that it’s pointless.

There you go!

Edited: No but seriously, just look around through the link above. I know Pistachio Roleplay, LightRP 2, DarkRP, and Vein all work. Good luck.

I can’t believe you just posted that link haha but you gave some names out so cool :smiley:

Oh SHIT! Really sorry man, completely forgot about this thread.

As promised :slight_smile:

Actually, Vein does not work. The modules have been screwed up for a few weeks.

Weird, just tested it, and it worked. Oh well.

Apparently it works in some cases, I hear it works on listen servers, don’t ask me why. I don’t know.