"All geared up." Scout and Spy got some new gear.

This is a pose me and my buddy iLemonDemon made, as in we posed it on the same server.
If you got a friend that also likes posing and lives near enough to get decent ping, try it, it’s quite fun!

I did the Scout (I love the combat vest/whatever it is), and iLemonDemon did the spy.

I like the scout, the spy is iffy. :frowning:

Other than that, not bad.

Haha, nice one pardner. Anyways, as it is - I am not yet so “Advanced” with posing.
I don’t really mind if mine gets rather downgrade rating, I’ll learn in time.

The posing is good on both of them, the spy looks stiff, and his torso is twisted weird.

They look like COD4 OPFOR.

Could have been better if the Scout has a cigarette.

Nah, I wouldn’t think so. Because Scout is a runner, he needs fresh lungs. I think you want to describe word “Badass” With it’ ye’?

I regret not putting a cigarette there.
Let’s just say he used it to burn up hostages or something

A Cigar would make more sense.

Dat ass