All Ghilied Up - Stealth Action fun

Original idea thread can be found here:

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Counter-Strike: Source are required!

What is All Ghillied Up?
All Ghillied Up, or AGU, is a team based game with two teams, Snipers and Soldiers. There are more Soldiers than Snipers on a team. Snipers must use stealth and cunning to take out the entire enemy team while the Soldiers track down and eliminate the Snipers.

Tell me a little bit about the Snipers.
Snipers are supposed to be the Stealthy killers that lurk in the bushes. Each Sniper has a Sniper, Pistol, Knife, and a pack of Mines.*

Tell me a little bit about the Soldiers.
Soldiers have more players and more weapons than the Snipers. Soldiers are still under developement, just as the Snipers are, but at the moment, the Soldiers can use a M4A1, AK47, Medkit, Knife, and a normal grenade and smoke grenade. The plan is to make the Soldiers get a menu to choose from to pick their guns, similar to NeoTokyo, a mod for Half-Life 2.

It’s still in early development, but this was the only screenshot I took, as there isn’t much else to look at right now besides some LUA errors.
That’s funny. But what needs to be done?**
A list of things that needs to be done**:
-Add a Radar
-Being able to Prone as a Sniper
-Needs lots more maps
-Better looking HUD
-Some weapon tweaks
-Soldiers/Snipers may be given objectives later on, but right now it’s set to be similar to a deathmatch game mode.

Ok cool, is there anything I can do to help?
YES THERE IS! At the moment, a couple of LUA coders would be amazing. Carmine3777 is currently the only coder for this game mode and would be more than happy to have someone help him.
We are also looking for someone who can animate player models. We currently need a full body Ghillie suit, and the closest thing we have is the MW2 Ghillie Model, which isn’t a player model.
Can’t model? Then how about mapping? Making a map can also help out a lot. All you need have to do is name your map with the agu_ prefix and use the Counter Terrorist spawn entity for the Snipers and the Terrorist spawn entity for the Soldiers.

We are really looking for some LUA Coders and a someone who can Model.

*All weapons are subject to change and will most likely change.
**This list may have stuff added to it and things on the list may not be made at all.

If you have any suggestions for All Ghillied Up, please post them here:
Any questions can be posted in this thread, and general discussion can take place here.
If you want to try out the early version of All Ghillied Up, visit this server which is hosted by Carmine3777***:

***This server isn’t always running AGU so you’ll have to check it every so often if you want to play it. Please do not expect anything great out of this just yet, it’s still very early stuff that’s being worked on so don’t come in here saying that this gamemode sucks. It’s not finished, and not close to being finished.

Thank you.

Want to start mapping? Look here.
Here are some OPTIONAL, but RECOMMENDED files you can download to use with your map. The file contains a custom detail.vbsp, a custom texture, and a texture fix.



  1. Extract the files to the directory you are mapping in. For example, if you are making your map in Half-Life 2 Episode 2, extract the files to half-life 2 episode two\ep2.
  2. Make sure the detail.vbsp file is in your root directory, such as half-life 2 episode two\ep2\detail.vbsp.
  3. Put the folders in Materials in the Materials folder for your game (be sure to also put these folders in your Gmod folder).
  4. Open up hammer, load your map, and search for the texture agu_grass01.
    DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go crazy with this texture. Use it sparingly. Over-using this texture can and will cause great lag. It is also highly encouraged to optimize your map.
    The detail.vbsp DOES NOT need to go in your Gmod folder. Please remember to rename or move this file when you are not mapping for your AGU map.

If there are any problems with the link and installing the files, just let me know.
And if the server isn’t on AGU, just PM Carbine3777 and he’ll change it as soon as possible.

Slayer,i know why the errors are there
Mad cows was broke with the last update.
I think we should change it over to GDCW now.

I found that out too, I’m working on some of my own sweps so I can replace the mad cows, I’ll add the gdcw later then update the server.

I’d like to make a map for this. Are there any type of guidelines I need to follow like what type of setting or time of day that you want?

Sounds like stalker.

Try to develop the maps so it favors for the Snipers. Add dark windows with holes in them for the Snipers to snipe out of. Make sure there’s thick grass around (don’t go overboard on this because it can cause lag) for the Snipers to crawl around in (and go prone if/when that gets implemented).

Also, the Soldier team needs to have an area that only they can access. The Snipers will get a few seconds to find a spot in the map to set up in while the Soldiers are locked inside some area until the round starts. The Snipers should not be able to see/reach this spot so they don’t start picking people off as soon as they come out.

I would say make a door for the Soldiers that opens about 20 seconds, but no more than 30 seconds.

I’m currently trying to make a good detail.vbsp for people to download when mapping for AGU.

Wow this is EXACTLY a GREAT Version of a gamemode me and my friends started, had lots of ideas for and failed. Sept ours was Mercenaries and Spies (Based of Splinter Cell) Spies had silenced weapons, Mercs had big weapons. Aim: Kill the other team. Simple. Good luck with this. I’m sure you will do better than we did.

Thanks Zombie :3

I do believe I have a working detail.vbsp! I’m working out a few things with it and I’ll probably be able to release it shortly.

I can volunteer for the Lua scripting part, although I don’t have much expirience with gamemodes (I was working on one, but stopped after recent GMod updates broke it(and it was playable and bugless at the time when it wasn’t broken)).

P.S I may be not working on it a lot due to the fact that I’m going to play Kane and Lynch: Dog Days soon.

If this ever comes out I will love it so damn much.

P.P.S. Here’s some stuff I’ve worked on, (most recent)
[[url=]]( (most recent aswell)
[[url=]]( (recent)
[[url=]]( (older)
[[url=]]( (older)
[[url=]]( (older)

If you need help with that detail.vbsp contact me I have experience with them.

you also want to make the soldier spawns info_player_terrorist spawns and the sniper spawns info_player_counterterrorist

So wait, if Carmine3777 is the only coder… what the hell do you do?

I started working on a map for this

Slayer beta tests,i guess.
We really do open beta tests on a server Carmine made.
We also could use a good swep maker,because of the update breaking madcows.

You’re welcome Neoswords. :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of sweps?

Stealth / Sniper SWEPs im guessing…

You should add stuff similar to the left 4 dead infected ladders (only that team can climb them) for the snipers, so they can reach areas that would be useful for them to get around the map easier. (But make sure they can’t get to places that would be prone to griefing. (Sitting out of view of soldiers for an entire round.)