All Ghillied Up - Stealth, Action, Fun

[release]What is All Ghillied Up?
All Ghillied Up, or AGU, is a team based game with two teams, Snipers and Soldiers. There are more Soldiers than Snipers on a team. Snipers must use stealth and cunning to take out the entire enemy team while the Soldiers track down and eliminate the Snipers. It was made by request of Slayer20.[/release]

[release]Tell me more about the snipers
Snipers are supposed to be the Stealthy killers that lurk in the bushes. Each Sniper has a Sniper, Pistol, Knife, and a pack of Mines. Be careful though, if you’re spotted, you’re as good as dead at close range.[/release]

[release]Tell me more about these soldiers
Soldiers have more players and more weapons than the Snipers. Soldiers are still under developement, just as the Snipers are, but at the moment, the Soldiers can use a M4A1, AK47, Medkit, Knife, and a normal grenade and smoke grenade. The plan is to make the Soldiers get a menu to choose from to pick their guns, similar to NeoTokyo, a mod for Half-Life 2.[/release]

None yet. Will do when I get someone to[/release]

[release]Cool, can I beta test?
Why yes, you can, just join my server ([/release]

[release]I’m interested, how can I help?
I may need another coder, I definitely need a mapper and a modeler. If you want to map, make sure you make plenty of areas for the snipers to hide in and make sure it’s good for sniping. you can also use this custom detail.vbsp that slayer made in your map. link if you want to model then you can help us by making a ghillie model. Also add a prone animation so we can implement prone.


  1. Extract the files to the directory you are mapping in. For example, if you are making your map in Half-Life 2 Episode 2, extract the files to half-life 2 episode two\ep2.
  2. Make sure the detail.vbsp file is in your root directory, such as half-life 2 episode two\ep2\detail.vbsp.
  3. Put the folders in Materials in the Materials folder for your game (be sure to also put these folders in your Gmod folder).
  4. Open up hammer, load your map, and search for the texture agu_grass01

also, visit the site to post bugs, suggestions, ect. I also talk about updates so you know that it’s not dead.[/release]

and yes, the new thread for this is here.

Finally, a official thread.

If you’ve played it at all or would just like to leave me a suggestion, you can do so here

Glad you made an official thread. Btw, I’ll make some screenies and put them on the website I’m working on, okay?

Any servers up yet? Seems interesting.

I mean, if it’s at that stage of testing at all…

Why don’t you remove all the extra stuff you don’t need. I downloaded the content pack and I still had to download a ton of stuff.

I have all kinds of addons on my server, if anyone wants to make a server dedicated to it then leave me a message. I also added GDCW sweps but they don’t give credit for the kill to the right person, I think it gives credit to the person that was closest or something. I’m thinking of changing the sweps because of that.

I’ve turned my server into a fretta server so you can play anytime you want. I’ve switched over to Fire Arms: Source sweps you’ll need the content pack in the description in order to see the weapons. I’ve removed the tags and I’ve replaced them with blue text that follows friendly players and displays their name. I’ll see if I can get a video up next time I play.

quick update: I got a site set up so you can post about bugs, suggestions, ect. I also post updates when I commit so you know it’s not dead and to follow progress.