All Ghillied Up

I got this idea after playing Modern Warfare 1 & 2. I’ve had this idea for a while now and thought it’d be pretty fun.

It’s kind of like Hide and Seek. But with guns.

General outline:

-25% of the total number of players on the server are randomly chosen to be the Ghillies. They can not be a Ghillie twice. This is to make sure that everyone has a chance at becoming a Ghillie. (Unless there is an odd number of people then a couple of people may be chosen to be Ghillie again).
-Ghillies are equiped with a Sniper Rifle, Silenced Pistol, a Knife, and a Radar.
-Ghillies must eliminate all enemy players to win the round.

-Terrorists(Name can be changed) are given a load out screen to which they can buy different guns and equipment. However they are not given a Radar.
-Terrorists are frozen in one area to let the Ghillies get into their hiding positions. At this time the Ghillies can not attack the Terrorists, as they are in some closed-off area.
-Terrorists win by eliminating all enemy Ghillies or reaching their Objective.

Ghillies aren’t given a load out screen and all receive the same weapon load out. They are given a pre-determined time to find a place to hide and kill the baddies. They have a radar which tells them where their friends are at all the time and who their friends can see (the enemy). It also displays where the objective is for the enemy to complete.

I can’t really think of what else to add to this. I guess this would be a good spot to leave open for ideas and suggestions. Have at it.

Edit: Just had another idea for the Ghillies. They should be given a placeable trip-wire bomb. Like the ones in Behind Enemy Lines or Sniper Elite.

How about changing terrorists to “army”, “PMC” or something less used.

Edit: Also I think GHILLIES are the one who should have the objective.

Edit2: Also laser tripwires are pretty easily noticeable so how about proximity bombs? Place one, it beeps and activates after about 3 seconds, it explodes if anyone comes near. It also lets out a subtle beep sound constantly so you can hear if there is one around.

They’re not laser tripwires. It’s a string tripwire. Something that’s hard to notice.
Like this:

I guess Ghillies could also have objectives. Like reaching certain areas and what not. But I feel like it is their job to “hide”.

Also, I would suggest adding the ability to unlock weapons from getting so many points (kills, objectives cleared, etc). And then they reset on map change. Kind of like NeoTokyo.

The Ghilles should have somewhat of a loadout, but only being able to choose what silenced sniper and pistol they have, but they should all be even (Ex: M21 silenced is the weakest, but fastest and has the highest amount of ammo per clip, while an Intervention silenced has low ammo per clip, but better power)
Since the Ghilles have camouflage, the “terrorists” should have mre health so they’d be even.

The thing is I didn’t want the Ghillies to have silenced guns. I figured that having guns without silencers would make them a little easier to find with their muzzle flash showing.

I want the Ghillies to take skill.

It’s a good idea. But you’d have to take into consideration a lot of gameplay and balance issues.

Of course. Most of these balance and gameplay stuff are just theories.

I like the idea.
But i cannot code.

I suppose the BIG problem with this would be that it requires some custom grass stuff.

You are ideas guy.

…and this…

is your idea.

When I saw this I instantly though of the op. You should be able to prone in the game, by the way it’s called a Cheytac M200 Intervention not just an Intervention. A suppressor is not called a “silencer” because it doesn’t silence it it alters the sound of the shot. Anyway back on topic, I guess I can code some of the basic shit and it should use fretta.

Coding a gamemode is not called “basic shit” it’s called hard work.


Well this is the Ideas and requests section… Sounds like every other gamemode where a small percentage of people are chosen to be something and have to kill everyone else…

I meant I can only code some of the basic stuff like giving teams weapons, setting their models and some other things like that.

Wait, what do you mean by that? :v:

Hey,I have an idea for the Ghilles and the Terrorists.
Half of the Ghilles get,instead of a sniper,a M4A1 or M16,players choice,that’s silenced and a pair of binoculars as spotters.
The Ts get AK-47s or G3/G36C’s and 1/3 of the T’s are the counter snipers,with Dragonve’s(Hope i spelled that right)

Dragonovs**. Lol

And the ghillies shouldn’t have strong guns. Otherwise they will spawn rape the baddies

The spawn locations for the terrorists should be randomized for the maps made for the gamemode.

For example, terrorists and ghillies start in closed off sections of the map. Ghillies are teleported out of their closed off section to hide. Terrorists are stuck in the closed off section of the map until an allocated time, as you said, and are then teleported out of their section to a randomized location on the map.

This way you don’t have Ghillies constantly camping a single spawn for the terrorists.

This 100%

Edit: Also I’m really against giving the Ghillies a selection of weapons. I don’t mind giving them different kinds of equipment but I really want them to be similar.

Okay,but I mean that half of the ghilles do not snipe,but instead spot enemies and are more able to kill a enemy in close range.
And I think the Ghilles that do snipe should get two choices of weapons.
A bolt action sniper,or a semi-auto one.