All gone?

Hello I bought game yesterday, after some struggling i managed to settle down, gather some supplies loot some nice chest and even got 1 supply drop being luckie… but today when i login my 2 shelters with doors and 3 crates full of stuff were gone, i only had that with what i did logged out… From that i See every other structure stands where it was… So is it normal In Rust that your stuff just can randomly disappear ?

You got raided son. It’s what this game is about at the moment…

I could understand if doors were destroyed and chest looted… but there was nothing. 3 Crates, 2 shelters, 2 doors 5 barricades gone. Who would bother to destroy walls and barricades ??

Some bandits are really douches and destroy absolutely everything. Happened to me once too.

I’ll explain. There’s a bug,when a SHELTER is DESTROYED = everything’s inside dissapears.

Build a Foundation,4 pillars,3walls,ceiling,doorway,metal door = and u will be fine for a short time.

Bandits man…that’s what happened. Been fighting em off ever since I got this game.

Edit: They always hit your base when you are gone. A group came when I left with a friend, but they didn’t know that some of my other friends spotted them already from their place. I also had two friends in their own houses in the base. We came rushing back and game those damn bandits a good surprise…

^^^^^ This. I noticed this last night. I had a shack full with crafting table, furnace, storage box. Crafted everything I needed for a real house, so I went to another spot to build the proper house and when I went back to my shed a half hour later someone had already took out the door and replaced it with a metal one. I was like, this asshole just stole my shed, since it had a metal door I just stepped around the side and started using a pick axe on the wall. Well imagine my surprise when 3 mins go by and I finally destroy the shack, and the metal door and furnace and everything disappear right with it.

Well I logged out last night in my house ( made with foundation and metal door 2 of them to be exact to make it harder for people to get in) any ways when I logged in this morning I was in the middle of the jungle. So I suicided and chose my camp span and then was finally in my home. Everything was intact doors were good walls were goo etc, but all my supply crates were gone along with everything inside of them. Even the items I had on me when I logged off were gone. Anyone care to tell me what happened? It doesn’t appear that my house was destroyed at all so I am confused.

Well you were either noclipped (hacks), or people actually did blow down a wall, kill u, take your stuff, destroy crates and then replace wall on the way out. Now raiders usually just go through a door, but I have seen them do the whole “replace the wall” thing, just to grief people and mess with their heads. Not highly likely, but it does happen. Either way, try not to let it bother you too much. Getting all your stuff took is part of the game, and happens on a regular basis. Even the biggest most hardcore bases will get raided at least once a week.