All HL2 weapons are revolvers (including physgun)

Hi, I’m experiencing a very strange bug with my HL2 weapons. You see, all of my default HL2 weapons are shown as the HL2 357 revolver. Some of the guns even behave like it. For example, all of the weapons hold 6 ammo per clip and have 32 extra ammo. Everytime I use the crossbow, it shows the 357 shooting animation and after shooting, it reloads the full clip and displays the revolver reload animation. On thirdperson view, the animations are like they should be but the gun still shows up as a revolver. This happens only on my own dedicated server and it happens to my friends too. The only weapons that don’t behave like this are camera and toolgun. I have a lot of screens with me so they should explain this error a little better:

This is what my physgun looks like in firstperson:

This is what it looks like when using primary fire:

This is what it looks like when using primary fire on something:

And finally, this is what it looks like when using thirdperson (camera):

I can provide more screenshots from other weapons if needed. I would appreciate any help I can get and I know this is just a minor flaw but it really irritates me. So please, help me.