All HTML does not work for me

Toybox is broken, so is PlayX.
I have the current addons:
-Cluster Bomb (mine)
-Crysis Suit mod
-DMROFL sweps (mine, soon to be released)
-Extra kill icons
-Half Life Renaissance
-Hl2 Settings
-ironsights designer
-kermites pistols, knives, shotguns, and SMGs
-Black opp’s legs addon
-Mad Cows Weapons
-Extra combine NPCs
-NPC_AI (svn)
-ODST drop pod
-Wizey’s Perfected Climb swep
-proximod (SVN)
-sharpeyemod (SVN)
-Weaponremover(personally for me)
-Vortigaunt Beam SWEP

my lua and downloaded files are cleared out, I checked for viruses and nothing showed up


Steam? I reinstalled GMOD like 10 times

PlayX works fine. Lua viruses won’t be detected by virus scanners

All HTML doesn’t work? What?

Did you uninstall Internet Exploder [sic]?

What is a lua virus exactly? Just some stupid code that does something you don’t want?

Well Think before speaking… What do virus’s do? Make you cookies? [/sarcasm]