All jobs can buy weapons from f4 menu! Help!

Hey guys, I recently bought a server for Gmod with Serenity Servers and it works great! I got a problem with my gun dealer class though. I added M9K weapons into a collection where then gmod then takes that collection and adds it into the server, that works fine. I then come across that every class can buy single weapons (citizens, Theifs, ect) I’ve tried alot of different methods and searched plenty of different fourms and help page yet I can’t find anything. People have said to turn restrictbuypistol = true but that makes it so even gun dealer can’t sell single weapons. I’ve been into addshipments.lua with this code;

DarkRP.createShipment(“Desert Eagle”, {
model = “models/weapons/w_tcom_deagle.mdl”,
entity = “m9k_deagle”,
price = 250,
amount = 1,
seperate = true,
pricesep = 250,
noship = true,
allowed = {TEAM_GUN}

Even though it’s supposed to let TEAM_GUN only spawn the weapon everybody can.

If anyone has a cure for this that would be great!

Is TEAM_GUN a valid job?

This was in Disable_defults

DarkRP.disabledDefaults[“jobs”] = {
[“chief”] = false,
[“citizen”] = false,
[“cook”] = false, --Hungermod only
[“cp”] = true,
[“gangster”] = true,
[“gundealer”] = true,
[“hobo”] = true,
[“mayor”] = true,
[“medic”] = false,
[“mobboss”] = true,

This was in jobs.lua

TEAM_GUN = DarkRP.createJob(“Gun Dealer”, {
color = Color(255, 140, 0, 255),
model = “models/jessev92/player/misc/dukenukem.mdl”,
description = [[A Gun Dealer is the only person who can sell guns to other people.
Make sure you aren’t caught selling illegal firearms to the public! You might get arrested!]],
weapons = {},
command = “gundealer”,
max = 2,
salary = GAMEMODE.Config.normalsalary,
admin = 0,
vote = false,
hasLicense = false,
category = “Citizens”,


In settings, change GM.Config.restrictbuypistol to true