All jobs can purchase weapons?

For some reason all jobs can purchase weapons, I do not want to change the shipment coding because I believe it to be right and I would like to keep the ‘true’ and ‘false’ the same. I have restricted /buy but then it just makes it so no one can buy guns at all, is there any way to fix this? Gun dealers: TEAM_GUN - Gun Dealer, TEAM_HAD - Heavy Arms Dealer.

Some shipment code:

AddCustomShipment("MP7", "models/weapons/w_mp7_silenced.mdl", "m9k_mp7", 10050, 10, true, 1150, false, {TEAM_GUN})
AddCustomShipment("MP9", "models/weapons/w_brugger_thomet_mp9.mdl", "m9k_mp9", 9000, 10, true, 1000, false, {TEAM_GUN})
AddCustomShipment("UZI", "models/weapons/w_uzi_imi.mdl", "m9k_uzi", 6800, 10, true, 780, false, {TEAM_GUN})
AddCustomShipment("P90", "models/weapons/w_smg_p90.mdl", "m9k_smgp90", 15000, 10, true, 1600, false, {TEAM_HAD})
AddCustomShipment("M4A1", "models/weapons/w_m4a1_iron.mdl", "m9k_m4a1", 19000, 10, true, 2000, false, {TEAM_HAD})
AddCustomShipment("Acr", "models/weapons/w_masada_acr.mdl", "m9k_acr", 23000, 10, true, 2400, false, {TEAM_HAD}


**-- enablebuypistol - Turn /buy on of off.
GM.Config.enablebuypistol 				= true**
-- enforceplayermodel - Whether or not to force players to use their role-defined character models.
GM.Config.enforceplayermodel 			= true
-- globalshow - Whether or not to display player info above players' heads in-game.
GM.Config.globalshow 					= false
-- ironshoot - Enable/disable whether people need iron sights to shoot.
GM.Config.ironshoot 					= true
-- showjob - Whether or not to display a player's job above their head in-game.
GM.Config.showjob 						= true
-- letters - Enable/disable letter writing / typing.
GM.Config.letters 						= true
-- license - Enable/disable People need a license to be able to pick up guns
GM.Config.license 						= false
-- logging - Enable/disable logging everything that happens.
GM.Config.logging 						= true
-- lottery - Enable/disable creating lotteries for mayors
GM.Config.lottery 						= true
-- showname - Whether or not to display a player's name above their head in-game.
GM.Config.showname 						= true
-- showname - Whether or not to display a player's health above their head in-game.
GM.Config.showhealth					= true
-- needwantedforarrest - Enable/disable Cops can only arrest wanted people.
GM.Config.needwantedforarrest 			= false
-- noguns - Enabling this feature bans Guns and Gun Dealers.
GM.Config.noguns 						= false
-- norespawn - Enable/Disable that people don't have to respawn when they change job.
GM.Config.norespawn 					= true
-- npcarrest - Enable/disable arresting npc's
GM.Config.npcarrest 					= true
-- ooc - Whether or not OOC tags are enabled.
GM.Config.ooc 							= true
-- propertytax - Enable/disable property tax.
GM.Config.propertytax 					= false
-- proppaying - Whether or not players should pay for spawning props.
GM.Config.proppaying 					= false
-- propspawning - Enable/disable props spawning for non-admins.
GM.Config.propspawning 					= true
-- removeclassitems - Enable/disable shipments/microwaves/etc. removal when someone changes team.
GM.Config.removeclassitems 				= true
-- respawninjail - Enable/disable whether people can respawn in jail when they die
GM.Config.respawninjail 				= true
-- restrictallteams - Enable/disable Players can only be citizen until an admin allows them.
GM.Config.restrictallteams 				= false
**-- restrictbuypistol - Enabling this feature makes /buy available only to Gun Dealers.
GM.Config.restrictbuypistol 			= true**

What version of DarkRP are you using?


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Can anyone help?