All life stopped (after the outbreak).

Sorry’ bout the title, couldn’t think of a better one.

It’s a part of a short coming I’m making. Wish me luck! :slight_smile:

The red light its a little too strong, but everything else is fine, the angle and the grain and the posing!

Good luck in your comic ^^

Just a question what map was that done on?

Also nice work. Ragdolls, gibs and bullets… Completely fits the title.

Looks nice but something looks wrong with the lights on the car.

Nice depth-of-field.

This is… nice actually. Although the red light (from the car light’s I presume) don’t look right. Gives mood to the picture though. Have an artistic.

Ps! Title is fine.

Subtle. Very nice though.


Hah, totally inspired me. I was so into human vs zombie thing these days that i forgot about the aftermath :stuck_out_tongue:

Glow is bit too…glowy though.

hl2ep2_outland-something. The mission where you get ambushed.

Looks great.

White Forest Inn, to be exact.

Yeah thanks.

That is awesome

I think the only actual ragdoll is the one that’s in front of the car :v:.

Still, it’s executed very well. :smug:

You’re not wrong. You’re not right though. :smiley:

Lol @ the big red light
But the picture really has background quality.