All my shit

I’ve lost interest in this game once again. lol So here’s just a dump of all my shit. It has some great RP shit, some space ship sents with missiles, sandbox gamemode, and that admin system that I was working on.

Good luck to everyone and the future of this game.

Good luck with life or whatever nonlife you picked up, lol.
Thanks for sharing though.

that was quick you only just came back

Just what exactly is in there?

I was looking through it (seems like you are a bit new to Lua, or just haven’t advanced very much) but I looked at your config file and I found
bind “RIGHTARROW” “+aimbot_scan”
nice job using an aimbot on Garry’s Mod… nothing very useful in his files unless you’re new.

i don’t know many people who don’t use an aimbot in gmod…

I don’t. Hacks make the game not fun for me.

That is where your name comes in

I should do this too. You’re an awesome lua scripter and I hope you do awesome shit like doing backflips instead of coding for Garry’s Mod.

I don’t use hax. Ever.

I’m not sure why you’re dumping files, you just came back man.

Total depression? Jokes.
Too lazy to check what’s inside it.

I like how horrible 2shared is, they actually hid the download button in small letters down in the corner.

Don’t leave you still need to make some gamemodes that I will love as much as hoverskate!!!

The point of the fucking game is to mod and hack, hence the name, garrys MOD.

I think it’s Garry’s Mod because it’s Garry’s modification of the source engine. Hence the name, Garry’s Mod.

The point of the game before was just a simple sandbox game where you would put Alyx in random sexposes with a giant Antlion. The game evolved into the point where it was so modifiable that you could have Alyx in random sex poses with 10 giant Antlions while shooting cats out of her eyes.

If the name was to imply that the “fucking game” was to mod and hack then it would simply be called, Garry’s Sticking Shit Up Alyx’s Minge Mod.


I think I’ll consider downloading after you give a release of what all is in it.

eh, anyone got this DL lyin around anywhere? lol

Yes actually ahah, I’ll upload it for you.

There you go!

no fuckin way… lmfao thats sooo funny! thanks lol