All my shit's gone.

A few days ago i uninstalled Gmod to get a little more disk space. Usualy this would just delete the GAME, not any of the custom stuff i installed.
When i went to delete the workshop addons, they where already gone.

I didn’t realize that wasn’t the only thing it deleted. Yesterday when i reinstalled it. I realized that my CSS content pack was gone, my Perskin was gone, my custom models, all my PACs I’ve worked so hard on, my ADV dupes, and the TnB pack.

Do i seriously have to spend all day rebuilding and downloading all that shit again?

What the hell?

uninstalling gmod, would uninstall the entire game (that’s include addons ,custom things etc…)
So yeah, you should reinstall everything =/

Let me give you a heads up. Whenever you need free space don’t delete gmod if you have a lot of things on there. If you do delete them then have a backup folder with the addons or something like that or have a collection.

strange indeed
when i delete stuff off of steam it never clears out the actual game files

There’s nothing strange, you deleted the game from Steam, Steam deleted the game folder as you asked.

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Tip for future users, the most of the HDD spaced used by GMod are the .vpks, addons/ and download/ folders.