All my tools are not working!

I cant get any of my tools working. I play gmod on a mac and I only have to say. Dont play any games on a mac EVER!

It’s not the mac, most people say such things because they don’t understand how they work in general. I know this because I own two iMacs and have never experienced any problems with steam games unless it was a massive glitch or a bug reported by valve or who-ever else.

The problem with your game is most likely a bug or corrupted game files. I had this problem when none of my tools worked and all my guns had missing sounds/ sounds for the wrong weapons.

Try to verify your game’s cache files and backup and delete the Garry’s Mod folder in your steam apps. Reinstalling won’t make much of a difference besides that.

Just because you have never had a problem on your mac it does not mean it isn’t mac related. But I do agree, it sounds like he needs to verify his game cache,
what are your specs op?