All New Fading Doors!

I wanted Conna’s old Fading Doors to actually work, but when I found out how badly made they are, it ended up being far easier to start again than to fix them, so here we are.
These ones actually contain the features the tool panel offers, and work properly with Wire (I know how much you guys love that sort of thing.)
If you use the STool on an entity with wire inputs/outputs, it’ll add it’s own outputs to the bottom of the list, rather than replacing them as the old STool did. (This is actually suprisingly hard to do on the wire revision I’ve got. They might have made it easier since I downloaded it, however I doubt it and I couldn’t be bothered to find out.)
Another handy feature is that while they are designed to be completely separate and different to Conna’s doors, if you delete that addon in favor of this one, your fading door based dupes will still work fine.

You’re welcome to include this in your multipacks, but I do ask that you send me a PM here before you do, and are sure to give me full credit.


SVN For more regular updates and other stuff:

This is really cool, I’ve wanted this for a while. You should consider remaking the rest of Conna’s tools, hardly any of them work but they’re all good ideas for tools. Anyway, well done! :smile:

Tested. Works great.

Thanks for this. I agree with the above post. You should definately consider remaking the rest of Conna’s tools.

I’ll see what I can do.
If I remake the whole thing, I’ll have to make it compatible with the old, which could be a bit inconvenient.
Still, if the people demand it.

Awsome, installing right away

How do you clock on something to make it a fading door?

By typing really fast.

Including that tool that ran commands on the people who used it? That was horrible… But fun on DarkRP servers. :slight_smile:

Nice. You should remake/fix prop cannons too :v:

Fading doors still work?

Good work Lexic :h:

Holy shit finally someone remade these! Also, please re-make all of Conna’s tools, I’m sure the community would be appreciate it.

A tool that has a use. Wrench’d

Fine fine fine. I’ll get on to all of those things if you guys really insist. Gives me something to do I guess.

This is fantastic. If you are going to remake some of connas tools the useful ones that I miss are

position switcher
pressure pad

private space - For this I would rather have a private space that does not fling the client or props that enter but acts as a wall and is physically impossible to enter, but props the client spawns in the box are not phased, kinda like a private work space.



Hope to see more remakes of Conna’s tools.

Can not shoot through the door when it’s been faded. Fix?

This is broken… whenever I shoot a prop it’s invisible

This tool doesn’t seem to work with adv dupe bcus when you dupe it it disconnects from wire inputs so you have to rewire it when you spawn it can this be fixed?