All New Fading Doors!
Updated with better dupe support and some other things.

What else is new?

Can you change it so you can shoot through doors when faded, I can’t find a method that doesn’t open other exploits.


Posted about that too, guess the developer didn’t see it :frowning:

I did that too, forgot to mention it.

awesome :coolfish:

Really nice tool, I’ve always wanted to have wire support for fading door (was coding to code my own but you beat me at doing it :P)

Added the SVN link. I personally recommend using it, as it’s updated a lot more than Most of these fixes have been in it for a while.

Does it interfere with the Connas doors ?

Nope. It works along side, or replaces, as you please.


(Like it says in the OP ¬_¬)