ALL NEW!!! PVE Server w/ Arena, Starter Kit, Raffles, Random Airdrops, Currency and more

Still working out the kinks and getting used to having 1 million add-ons, but I have a very large urban-esque arena built with buildings, towers and lotsa hiding space. Looking for more people to come join in the fun. When you join, look for me King Crackhead to be online and Ill build portals for you as well!

server info:

server name: Crackhead-Zombies PVE w/arena

seeya there. Please also feel free to leave comments here after visiting the world. Im not done with the world though…Ive only just begun!

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bumping…need some people that wanna help with the admin part of it and we need some people to come and have fun. I NEVER saw PVE servers that were active which is why I created this server.