All NPC's and roleplay playermodels are T-posed.

All models T-pose, except for DarkRP and Sandbox models
After the recent update, all NPC models are T-pose, meaning that on RP servers, everyone is also a T-pose. I’ve tried re-installing gmod, unsubscribing from all addons and only subscribe to the models, still. T-Pose, even the default NPC’s in gmod are T-pose for me, I’ve got no idea what to do about it.

Please help.

Quit playing RP, problem solved.

Navigate to your garrysmod folder, do you have any legacy addons installed?

Only the latest HL2 ep1-2+ extra and CSS content.

Alright, I’ve solved it, it was the HL2 extras content, if you remove the models folder inside of it. Everything should fix itself