all of a sudden rust uses 6g ram ..

hi when i start playing rust starts to use 2.5g ram and the longer i play the higher the memory usage until i just lag so hard i can’t do anything…

Yes rust will eat your ram sticks. I run on 16 GB and sometimes 10 GB of my RAM will be used by rust.

As mentioned in the OP, it increases the longer you play. Maybe rust needs a function to clean up ram every hour or so.

my friend upgraded from windows 8 to 10 and his problem is now fixed … had the exact same problem, any chance it’s a good idea to upgrade?

No. I am strictly against wiNdowS 10 A

What’s so bad about it?

Could this be from the memory leak from the last update… or was that fixed already?

I have only tried reaching 30gb usage in the game… but then it also starts to eat up everything.