All Of Kathar's Props/Creations V.2

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Stig - All Of Kathar’s Props/Creations V.2

[tab]Version:[/tab] 2.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Props that are great for comics, fun and generally messing around!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s Mod

[tab]Download:[/tab] See Below [/release]

More stuff by me:

Kathar Did give me permission to release this, and he is glad that I did.
You could go to his site ( And download 2 model packs and 8 separate downloads to have all of his models, and even then they don’t come with a Spawn Menu, Any of them. So I asked Kathar over Steam about it and he liked it, The first one was a success, but since a new Garry’s Mod update, it won’t work So I have fixed it along with other things added/changed and fixed (see Change Log below).


Viper Mk.II

Aim at the Viper and use the console command; ent_fire !picker skin (number-here) to change the colour of the stripes.
Skin colours and their numbers: 0 (Red), 1 (Green), 2 (Yellow), 3 (Blue), 4 (Orange), 5 (Purple), 6 (Black) and 7 (Grey).
[But like in the gmbeta2007, the next time you play, (after spawning them) the other skin models will also appear!]

Train Set

Aim at the Train (cab) and use the console command; ent_fire !picker skin (number-here) to change the colour of the train.
Skin colours and their numbers: 0 (Blue), 1 (Red), 2 (Beige), 3 (Yellow), 4 (Black), 5 (Pink) and 6 (Green).

Some of the catapults (The ones with wheels, not axis!) Spawn with there wheels in the ground so
try to pull it out if it doesn’t work you can always use this:

---Change Log---

A list of changes in V.2

  • Added the spawn icons so that you don’t have to load them yourself!
  • Added the 2 Destructable Houses.
  • Added the newer better versions of the props.
  • Fixed spawn menu not appearing
  • Solved bug that makes some props look like big Flashing “ERROR”'s.
  • Made the Read me shorter and then even longer :D.
  • Added a Change Log.

This contains every single prop of Kathars (which is over 120!) And some other stuff, links below.

I want to see what there like in multiplayer, so if anyone knows of a server with these please tell me and please try to give IP of it, if not then give the name, info if you can!


o Two ragdolled horses, one with a bridle and one without.
o Gman’s Briefcase as a stand-alone model.
o Two types of pistol magazine; one full, one empty. Both come in Black & Silver. It also includes
a seperate round.
o One german spade.
o A Roulette Table & Ball. The ball fits inside the roulette wheel.
o 2 Pairs of Glasses and one pair of sunglasses.
o 2 syringes; one empty, one full.
o 3 Pairs of handcuffs; one open, one closed & one half-opened. It also contains a key also.
o Contains the flags of these nations: Great Britain, France, USA, Japan, Germany, Canada,
England, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, EU, Finland, Norway, Turkey, China, Denmark, Egypt,
Macedonia, Russian Federation, Puerto Rico, Slovenia & Scotland.
o Contains these other flags: USSR, Combine, Rebel, Surrender, Jolly Roger, Blue Team, Red Team,
All Your Base, Firefox, Internet Explorer, PHWonline, Facepunch, Blue Hammer &
Quake 2 CTF Symbol.
o Two PHW Coffins; one open, one closed.
o One giant Headcrab.
o Two different presents, which come in 3 sizes each.
o Six catapults. 3 normal catapults and 3 axis catapults. Three catapults of the same type as
each come in different sizes.
o A face, eye and finger posable Gordon Freeman Ragdoll
o A ragdolled Chumtoad with the ‘blink’ facial expression. It also features a diffuse,normal &
exponent map (phong).
o 3 different sized Aranecks. One small, one normal and one large. Only the ‘normal’ sized model
has jaw expressions.
o A homburg hat.
o Chrome Cell, a ragdolled mech.
o 4 Different coloured isolation cubes (white, black, pink and green), which come in 3 sizes each.
o Two wineglasses, one empty, one full (with red wine).
o One Viper Mk.II prop with a detailed collision model and several colour variations.
o One prop severed leg.
o One ragdolled ventriloquist dummy with an expression for jaw movement.
o Three props: a train cab and center/rear flatbed trailers.
o One spawnable Destructable House.

---Contents Description---

Horse Ragdoll:
Two versions within the download, one with a bridle, one without. It isn’t perfect as it was my first attempt at a ragdoll.

Gman’s Briefcase:
Gman’s briefcase as a stand-alone model. I simply hacked the briefcase off Gman.

Pistol Magazines and Bullet:
Inside is two kinds of magazines; one empty, one full. Which comes in black & silver. It also contains a single round.

German Spade:
A German Spade which represents the same ones used by the Germans in WWII.

Roulette Table:
A roulette table & ball. Useful for creating a casino type atmosphere.

Two pairs of glasses and one pair of sunglasses. Fits most ragdoll’s heads.

Two syringes which contain a green substance. Comes in full & empty versions.

Handcuffs & Key:
In this download is 3 pairs of handcuffs; one open; one closed & one half-opened. It also contains a key.

A pack which contains 36 flags in total; 22 nation flags, and 14 other random flags.

PHW Coffin:
A PHW Coffin that was made for Slick’s Farewell Sammo comic. Contains an open and a closed coffin.

Giant Headcrab:
A resized version of the original headcrab. This one is around 12 times the size of the HL2 headcrab.

A couple of blank presents that come in three different sizes. Easily colourable via the colour tool.

Two different ragdolled catapults which come in three sizes each.

Gordon Freeman:
A face, eye & fingerposable Gordon Freeman Ragdoll (Links above for NPC/Player model.)

My ragdolled remake of the creature from Half-Life/Blue Shift. More commonly seen in the HL1 mod; Sven Coop.

Araneck, a ragdolled hybrid-spider. Comes in 3 sizes, only the original size has jaw expressions.

Homburg Hat:
A homburg hat originally created for the Vortfather II comic. Fits all HL2 characters.

Chrome Cell:
A ragdolled mech called Chrome Cell that was created for the HL2 comic, Aftershock.

Isolation Cubes:
Models that have no collision model and don’t react to light for easy isolating.

Wine Glasses:
Two simple wine glass models I made when messing around with source’s shaders. Contains both an empty & full (red wine) wine glass.

Viper Mk.II:
A prop Viper from the TV series Battlestar Galactica. Features a detailed collision model (good for thruster/turret placement) and several colour variations.

Severed Leg:
A prop severed leg originally created for the 2nd FPSC competition.

Ventriloquist Dummy:
A ragdolled ventriloquist dummy with one expression for jaw movement. Originally created for Larry’s “Cursed” comic series.

Train Set:
A full-scale prop train and its appropriate center and rear flatbed trailers. Features a complex collision model for realistic use.

Destructable House:
A simple destructable house- easy spawn, easy cleanup. Fun to use with the catapults.


Download the pack, Extract it and copy the “materials”, “models”, “settings” and “spawnicons” folders into:
C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps<yoursteamloginusernamehere>\garrysmod\garrysmod\

To make sure this really works Re-Start Steam (Some things need this to appear!),
by right clicking on the Steam icon in the bar on the bottom right of you
desktop, and select “Exit”. Then when Steam has fully logged off, Run it again.

Now, load up GMod (10) and open up the ‘Q’ menu. On the left, you will see a list of Spawn Menu’s, look for Kathar. Click it.
Before spawning any of the props you need to load the icons, just wait and were the chat bar
should be, will be a count down, before it gets to zero it will be slow, this is normal, when it
gets to 0, scroll down the “Kathars” prop menu and load the others. When all of the icons are
loaded, spawn one and see the wonders of Kathars creations!, try out each model, and have Fun!.


Note: There are multiple skins for Gordon and The Viper so It adds those and I think unfinished ones which turn out purple and black, this will be fixed in Version 3.
And the catapults (Non- Axis, Wheels) sometimes clip the ground, so you can either spawn a a model and spawn the catapults on it then remove that prop or you can spawn them, turn them into a statue with statue STool and then right click with statue to turn them normal.


For troubleshooting, FAQ’s and other stuff that isn’t answered or whatever ,that can’t be answered on the thread :


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Downloads and links

:siren: :

Stig - All Of Kathar’s Props/Creations V.2:



Alyx Replacement (NPC):

Barney Replacement (NPC):

Gman Replacement (NPC):

Gordon Classic Replacement (Player Model):
Coming Soon!..

Classic Gordon Model Player model soon!
GMod 9 version also coming soon!
More to come!


Photo-Skin from AnimalScience,
Models by Kathar (Marc Hales), VALVe,
Skin-editing by Kathar (Marc Hales) & Waxx,
Skins by VALVe, Shadow7 (Freelancer), Kathar (Marc Hales) & Kaka (Tim Hylkema),
Base-skins by Kathar (Marc Hales),
Hacked from Gman by Kathar (Marc Hales),
PHWlogo by Michael Clements (PHW Founder),
Resizing by Kathar (Marc Hales),
Base HEVsuit model by VALVe,
Advice, suggestions & references provided by Slick (Joe Shea),
And thanks to Bl4cKj4ck (Jonny Girvan), Jiro (Jamie Girvan) & Anima (Ricki Lyon) for beta-testing
and motivating Kathar (Marc Hales) to finish,
Expressions by Anima (Ricki Lyon),
Concept from Project I-M,
Minor body skin/model adjustments & the head model/skin by Kathar (Marc Hales),
Base-body skin/model by VALVe,
Inspiration, motivation & references provided by Larry And
Beta tested by Blackjack (Jonny Girvan), Jiro (Jamie Girvan), Anima (Ricki Lyon), xtjmanxt & Stig Goldenbullet.
Scripting by Stig Goldenbullet.

I would say that I like Gold Stars but because Garry got rid of those ratings, to show your appreciation use the “Agree”'s rating Please!

Wow nice pack, it’s good you’ve spent the time to do this, very useful! :slight_smile:

They some neat models, good work Kathar!
And good work to you for packaging them.

Thank you, both of you!

nice pack gonna download
and lol 3th pic 5th gordon X)

I have an error report.

The house spawns upside down.

I’ve seen that it does because when I spawned it on concrete, the roof wasn’t below the ground. The roof is below the ground on grass and dirt.

Kathar changed his last name?

Quite a few of those models were created specifically for comics which were never completed or released.
I remember chrome cell.

Sorry for GmodFiles apparent disappearance – domain troubles and other problems arisen, but we will be back :cool:

That has got to do with how the model was made, he accidentally might have made it upside down, this sorta happened with the Train set, some of them were made sideways, so you they spawn sideways, just like the catapults.

I know, same with the Ventriloquist Dummy, that comic was released.

Yes I was wondering about that, can’t wait for it to be back up!

Is there any fix for the destructable houses? I mean you cant use them because when you spawn them they are upside down and they just fall apart.

Try welding them, and flip then unweld. Advance Duplicator it.

Steamfriends = StigGoldenbullet


On, Steam, to add as a friend. That is what you use.


My full username is Stig Goldenbullet, just for facepunch it won’t fit.


:siren: UPDATE! :siren:

  • Added Classic Gordon Model Replacements for other NPC’s.
    (Check Downloads part of main post, for links!)

I download it and i see no folder that says spawn icons.

Ah! This looks interesting.

@ anonymous870
The Spawn icons will be generated by gmod…

Yes, but I said I would release them, I’m going to release them today, for people just downloading it :P.

IT’S SO WEIRD!!!.. but… I LOVE IITTTTT!!! This is so funny props ragdolls and more and i love comics YEAH !!! 15/10 |**********|***** Thanks !!!

I installed it the way it asks in the readme but it isn’t in my spawn menu

I put these in addons and made my own info file and it worked perfectly.

If you don’t know how to do this, it’s really simple.

Explore to the inside of the addons folder inside your garrysmod folder.

Place your folder the model pack came in into addons.

Once you have done this go into a working addon, any will do.

Now copy the info text file in there - the file, not the contents.

Paste it into the folder you put into addons with all the models, materials and settings in it.

Now open up the addons file, it will open like a text file.

Edit out the bits that describe the addon you nicked it from but don’t disrupt the “double quotes” bits round the words.


Save your changes.

Load GMod.

It should now work and the beauty of it is that it makes it easy to reinstall your pack should you do a clean reinstall of GMod for some reason.

I would really suggest people make releases with this pre-done. It’s a lot easier and keeps any readmes packed up with your release.