All of Mario_kart64n's ripping/porting programs.

I don't own any of this, Nor does Mariokart, He certainly didn't make any of these programs, And nor did i.
I've already got clearance from Overv and PLing to release these since he owns no copyright, If anything's spyware or questionably legal, Let me know and i'll eradicate them.

Well i stumbled across a secret hidden link of doom and found all of Mariokart’s ripping programs. Inside this .rar is all of the ripping programs i could find on said link, From soul calibur 2 to HALO 3, There are all sorts of odd ripping programs and other such gubbinz in this package, All of them are zipped seperately for posterity.

>>Link is here.<<

Incase you think this is spyware of some kind:


Why are you doing this?

Simple, Mario Kart refused to share these programs, So i’m doing so. He doesn’t own any copyright and they’d certainly be of use to a lot of people.

Do you have a vendetta against him?


Do you hate him?

No but some of his decisions are horrible, Such as using a 64x64 texture for a character’s(Rather large) fingers, And literally using MSpaint…

Is there spyware in here?

Nope. Not that i’m aware of.

yay this might be very useful. thank you!

That’s very decent of you sir.

You’re welcome. I also have all his GM9 models backed up to my Dropbox but i won’t release those for obvious reasons(EG. he actually did work on them.)

Well you can still find those pretty easily on his skydrive. That’s not private (yet).

Snip that, The minute he sees it(He almost 100% has an alt, i’m sure of it.) he’ll screw us over.

Sweet. Is there a tutorial on how to use it with in as well?

Thanks you very much, awesome stuff and very useful!

Interesting amount of model porters and rippers alike.

This will be useful.

Aren’t most of these things on his skydrive?

As to those horrible decisions. While I don’t like the majority of models the guy ported, most of his decisions were fairly decent as porting goes. Those 64x64 textures actually seem completely fine if they were used just for fingers.

The majority seem to be fairly standard commandline apps. Try starting them in the console, most will usually tell you what to do.

Not from me. I have no bluddy clue how to work it. I only released it because nobody else did.

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Yes but:
A: Not many people know about it
B: The minute he finds out people are DLing it he’ll blow it up.

Oops, i found a virus:
My antivirus saw it where i downloaded pack. What happens? Or this is stupid antivirus?

Hrm. I’m not sure what that is… What .rar is it in? I’ll eradicate it

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Seems to be a False Positive, But i’ll scan the .zip myself to make sure.

Kaspersky Antivirus gives info: This program is packed with an unlicensed version of the packer. Typically, this version of the packer used by hackers to package other malicious programs.

I’m not sure - what stuff it is.

…Why in gods name are you using Kaspersky?

Either way everything i can find points towards False Positive or obvious spyware sites that add a bunch of virus names to lure people in.

Cause i’m Russian, and i used that antivirus for a long time…

Oh bollocking hell i’ve figured it out, It’s the fact it’s a zip in a zip I bet. Especially considering it’s Winrar.

I expect more RE Ports now too :shakefist:

I wouldn’t, these tools have been fairly easily available for a long time. Some of them are outdated, too. :v:

That him for you. He’s holds a lot of grudge, which is why he refuse to help anyone, like FP. Or just take it out on everyone, from one person.

Good upload, to help so many people.


Anyone that needs explaining how they work, the tools, some of us here can explain, if it’s needed.