"All of Mordor is emptied" - Sauron's horde marching to Minas Tirith

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Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_flatgrass200800074.jpg

A quick edit really, C&C all the same though.


Brb, gotta play a lot more Third Age: Total War now.

oh holy shit

Only thing I would nitpick is that an edited sky with black clouds and stuff would be cool


why the fuck am I getting disagrees this is my goddamn opinion

Wow. This looks really good!

Looks cool chesty

Looks almost identical to Joazzz’s edit (from first glance at least)
Either way, kewl pic!

Looks really good. It has a nice concept.

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Poor angle IMO.

A jealous bastard probably.
Really sexy scene man, it does feel like the movie.

I was editing it too, you probably will see it on later on the EditMySS thread :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing I can nit pick about is the dragon’s legs should be edited to be more back… Though I’m aware that the legs are always stationary like that. :v:

Also, maybe some darker clouds, because I remember Sauron would send plume clouds with the armies to ease their passage xD…

Edit: Oh and I gave an arty :v:

how many ragdolls did you place?

Holy shi… Well, kudos for actually bothering to set this up. I like it.

Posed about 6-8 different orc variants, two troll variants and the two Nazgul. So about 12 posed ragdolls and then at least fifty duplications, probably more.

ITT: Cowardly user rates every positive comment disagree. If you’ve got a problem with the picture, post.

I don’t like the fact of duplicating posing, in my opinion if your wanting to duplicate, just change the angle and most stuff around so you don’t waste your time.


Nice picture overall.

Actually, if he changes the angle, it would show the orcs even more, and it would be easier to tell they are duplications IMO.

Dunno if the angle is wrong, I liked it :saddowns:

I’m going to try to edit it.


Holy shit, lots of orcs


I want to have sex with this picture.

Truer words were never spoken :smiley:

Great pic Chesty!