All of my 2010's pictures [+40 thumbnailed images]

All names are just the files’ names, not really titles. Pictures are displayed by chronological order (earliest to latest).

1/ Poison Lips

2/ Executor

3/ Drive fast

4/ Take off

5/ New kind of weapon

6/ Burning wreck

7/ Wiped out

8/ Burning Alive

9/ Boom Biddy Bye-Bye

10/ Marche vers un nouvel horizon

11/ Lifeless

12/ IED! IED!

13/ Reminescences

14/ Breaking News

15/ Jungle

16/ On a Hill

17/ Lonely Breakfast

18/ Wake up!

19/ Crows

20/ Endless Ocean

21/ Outpost

22/ Rainy Night

23/ The beast/the beast

24/ Dictatorship

25/ Petite demoiselle

26/ Russian Advance

27/ Crash site

28/ Garry’s Mod LULZ

29/ Battle of Kursk

30/ Defense of Berlin

31/ No More

Camouflage short-comic

As you can see, there are good and bad things! I’m quite happy of my work overall, not because I think that all the end-products are extremely good (I really don’t), but because the whole process allowed me to learn a lot of things about my working methods, favorite themes or atmosphere, style and/or editing preferences. I’m editing pictures since 3-4 years now, but I only realized at the very end of last year that I started to feel comfortable with editing… Understand here that I’m starting to feel able to recreate 85-90% of my ideas without giving up and actually are at 85-90% happy when it’s done. Wait 10 more years and I will certainly tell you guys that I feel like I can do whatever is on my mind, haha! More technic/knowledges acquired through questionning allow - afterwards - more of a certain form of spontaneity. It can’t be a bad thing!

Concerning this year 2011, I think I will only make threads for pictures I’m fully happy with. Which means I will only post pictures that were really thought/worked on. Self-discipline, JAWOHL! Since we have a dedicated thread to post that one kind of crappy pictures we make, why wouldn’t I use it? Therefor I think I will certainly make less pictures, but those will be - I hope so - from higher quality.

Well, that’s all! I hope these pictures have or will entertain your brains in a enjoyable way, Facepunch fellas! :wink:
(And here’s a reminder of my first 2011’s contribution)

P.S: I hope my English hasn’t become shitty. BONJOUR CHEZ VOUS!

Update: deleted +10 pictures cause they were from 2009 (not sure). I think I’ll upload ALL of my pictures on Dropbox, someday, that will be simplier.


Mang there is some impressive stuff in here.

Get rid of the thumb, those pictures are totally artistic.

I love the Russian Advance picture.
Looks so real.
Scratch that, they all look real and awesome.

Done. Thank you! :3

What model is the press guy in the russian advance picture?
Also they’re all really amazing.

Frontlines pack with COD/MW2 helmet pack.

I want to know how you edit.

Pro tip:

This forum tries so hard to be SA that it even has all the same flaws as SA. One of these is the timg (or img_thumb on FP) feature, which is a useless broken piece of shit that does nothing to cut down load times. It still loads the full image, but once the page is loaded it resizes them to avoid breaking the forum tables. I’m assuming from the fact my internet is straining to load this page, and that you have “thumbnailed” in the titles, that you used img_thumb rather than a proper thumbnail. This might be fine and dandy to Europeans and North Americans, but to anyone on an average Australian connection loading this page is like having your teeth pulled without anaesthetic by Edward Scissorhands.

Your pictures own and I’m sure the wait is worth it, so I’ll post again when the page actually loads (hopefully sometime this century).

e/ nevermind, you got rid of the thumbnails. My bad.

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This is fucking amazing. All of it. Have every winner.

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Seriously, Garry ought to frontpage this thread. Holy shit.

pmnky pics is best pics

Amazing. Simply amazing. I really like that every picture has it’s own spirit, not just a good edit.


I think it won’t take more than a minute or two to load all this stuff for every connection that better then 256 kbps. But when it’s done, you can just watch, not to click and click every single picture.

You clearly have never heard just how horrifically bad Australian internet is, dude.

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Literal third-world shithole countries in places that are perpetually in a state of civil war have better internet than Australia. I wish I could say I was joking, but I’m not.

I came

It’s amazing how well I remember every single picture. Definitely says something about the quality of them.

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Eye sex.

In the dictatorship picture, what is the name of the map?

Amazing! :slight_smile:

May I ask you where you get that WWII Models from ?

Greetz Larry

most of them are fantastic

Please tell me where to get them ! ^^
They are sooooo amazing :smiley:

God damn dude, I’m small time compared to you.