All of my addons have dissapeared!

So I opened up garrys mod and I went to go play on my favorite server and it started downloading all of the server content!!! But ive already downloaded the server! so I thought “Maybe my addons have dissapeared” so I checked my subscribed addons and “poof” all gone :frowning: alot of people have been complaining about this lately, but why is this happening?? is it just a temp glitch with workshop?? plz help


Try turning steam to “offline mode”, then re-enabling online mode. Afterwards, Launch GarrysMod.
If the previous actions do not get your addons back, restart steam, if that doesn’t recover them: you must re-install them all.

This is and has been an existing problem with steam across workshop-enabled games.

There’s not much that can be done to fix this issue currently, its up to Steam to fix it.

Ive tried both of those solutions and it didnt work :confused: I dont care TOO much about my addons, but I DO care about the servers ive downloaded,
Question: When you download a server, where do all the files download to?

Depends on the type of file.

edit: or it used to.
my gmod folder has stuffed them all into a folder called “download”, do you have one?