All of my poses so far

Some terroists were attacking a office building,and they got in a firefight with the S.A.S.This was my first pose.

I made this after I got the HL2 Beta Pack.Some hydras are attacking rebels.

This is a GMod logo I made in a server.The reason for the awkward angle is because there would always be people in the background.

All these skate poses I made a week ago.I know,I know,the poses are awkward,but i’m just starting.

All good, just work on posing… seriously… just posing… and turn your graphics and AA up.

Im gonna make more poses.

Faceposing would be nice,

Improve graphics, either by turning up your AA or model/texture. Some of them look a bit eh. Like you didnt spend time into what they could look like in real life.

Posing is terrible. Practice.