All of the servers lagging for me?

Hey, i bought rust the last friday, and ever since then in every single server after a time my client or the conection with the server glitches. First, i am not able to get resources or open chests, i am still able to damage animals (not entirelly sure about that one yet), when i realize that its happening i log out and in so the conection gets reset with the server, when i get back in I normally appear back on some place that i had been long ago, but still had the same health, hunguer and items that i got troughout the moment that this happened.
-Sorry for any grammar/vocabullary mistakes, not a native english.

Sound’s like packet loss puts you out of Sync, normally it’d be because of you but… Rust completely screws your internet up badly so it’s most likely that.

So what do you recomend me to do. Wait for an update so they can patch it or what?

Does this happen on the “official” servers?

In every single server i join, yeah, including the official ones

run 2 continuous pings, one to and one to the server IP you are on

I have this same issue and when I started looking into it I didn’t have any packet loss but my pings would spike randomly to high numbers like 1000-2000ms.

ping -t
ping serverip -t

See what you get. I would susepect that you would see your ping times jump breifly for 1 or 2 pings as this is what I’m seeing. The odd thing is Rust makes it MUCH worse. When I performed the same test without Rust running my ping spikes where like 200-400MS which is still unacceptable but manageable. However when Rust is running they jump up a lot. I have my local ISP coming on Sat to test my line and check some things but I fear if they don’t find anything up I’m not sure what I will do… guess i’ll have to live with the lag :frowning:

Ohh standard / good ping times should stay under 100ms. Also if you see packet loss thats really bad to.

Hope this helps.

Hehe, but how do you “run a ping”, to a website and a game server?

I never seem to get connection issues, the occasional rubber banding but I wasn’t aware that Rust is screwing with peoples internet. I normally have Rust open, TeamSpeak, internet radio streaming and a TV channel streaming (muted) and it’s all fine. What ping are you getting from the servers? What internet do you have?

From 70 to 300 normally

70-100 is acceptable and you probably won’t see rubber banding or lag issues. Anything over 100 you will start to see issues. If you run a continous ping Start>Run>CMD then type ping servername -t I’m willing to bet everytime you rubber band your ping to the server will be around 300ms