^^^Easy connect. Open Rust, Hit F1, Copy & Paste, Hit Enter, enjoy!^^^

Server Details:
Multiplay :: 24/7 Admins[ PvP-SLP-Halfcraft]Texas

Steam Group URL:

Feel free to join! It’s a public group. Questions, comments, feedback, constructive criticism, etc. are all welcome.

The server is in Dallas. The reason for that is we wanted anyone who joins (in the U.S) to have a decent ping.

About Us – The Admins

Like many of you we became tired with starting to establish ourselves and then have to change servers over and over again because of hackers and abusive (or absent) admins. We’re a group of people that are between the ages of 18-25 and try to be as reasonable and fair as we can. We are not here to enforce a strict set of rules and largely everything is fair game on the server except for cheating/hacking, advertising other servers, and anything else that probably should fall under common sense.

In addition, if you’re being hateful or racist, don’t be entirely surprised if most of the server just kills you on sight or uses you for target practice.

The Server
-Everyone and anyone are allowed to join, it’s an open server. As it’s fairly new there’s still plenty of room for new and veteran players to join. If you’re new we’re happy to help you get started but don’t expect to be coddled or protected. We try to be friendly towards new players but we don’t speak for everyone when we say that.

-Airdrops are set to a minimum of six people right now

-We’re toying with the idea of events or an arena but it’s debatable right now (plus we refuse to even dupe for that so we’d need to get the necessary resources anyways).
Port: 29015