All ports forwarded, but players can't connect

Ok this might be a different situation then most of the ports, you see I can access both my router and modem, and port forward em. So I did do that with both (With ports 27000-27020 but first I tried 27015, 27005 and 27020 but that also didn’t work). I have the ZyXEL P-2602HW-D1A and a Sitecom 300N wireless router. I did everything said, but yet, it won’t work. Help would be appreciated.

you have to add firewall exeptions to the ports that you port forwarded to and make sure srcds is an execption

Disable your firewall @ router
Disable your PC Firewall
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I did that on my pc atleast, can’t set any exeptions on my router & modem. I also managed to get it far enought that I can see it myself on the server list, but my friends can’t see it/connect.

At the momment forwarded:
27015-27020 Both
27005-27005 Both